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Core Values

Core values are beliefs and ideas which guide Kuakini Health System’s employees in fulfilling Kuakini’s mission and vision, and continuing the tradition of caring. Core values form the basis for developing policies and procedures; creating cohesiveness and teamwork; developing programs and services that serve the community; improving the quality of care; and assisting in the decision making process.

   • Commitment to excellence
   • Meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations
   • Focusing on opportunities for improvement

   • Empathy; being understanding and sensitive to the needs of others
   • Concern for the well-being of our customers and the community

   • Kuakini’s viability is everyone’s responsibility
   • Acceptance that our actions impact Kuakini; doing things in the best interest of the organization
   • Managing and using resources wisely and responsibly to optimize efficiency and productivity

   • Taking personal pride in our work and actions
   • Acting in ways that support Kuakini and its mission

   • Working together towards Kuakini’s mission and vision
   • Sharing, collaborating, communicating, building trust, adding value, and supporting each other as equals
   • Being a contributing member of the Kuakini Health Care Team to achieve positive results and quality outcomes

   • Treating people with dignity, fairness, and courtesy
   • Fostering open communications at all levels; being an effective listener
   • Promoting and maintaining credibility, integrity, and honesty; being accurate and truthful

   • Being accountable for our work and actions
   • Commitment to Kuakini’s mission and organizational ethics; a sense of duty, dependability, and trustworthiness
   • Putting our best efforts into our work and achieving our goals