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Planned Giving Program

approach for donors to help themselves and their loved ones achieve financial and charitable goals through deferred gifts.

donors and their loved ones tax and philanthropic benefits, as well as an income based on the planned gift vehicle.

managed by an experienced team of dedicated professionals for the benefit of the donors and Kuakini, a charitable organization providing a tradition of caring in the community. 

What is Kuakini Foundation's Planned Giving Program?

Kuakini Foundation developed its Planned Giving Program in 1991 to accommodate donors who wished to make a substantial contribution to Kuakini, but who were unable to make an outright gift. The Planned Giving Program provides ways for donors to help Kuakini and themselves through deferred gifts.

Funds from the Planned Giving Program are used to finance capital improvements, purchase the latest medical equipment, and build Kuakini's endowment funds to meet the challenges of a rapidly aging population, rising health care costs and declining reimbursements.

What is Kuakini Foundation?

Kuakini Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization that is established to fundraise for Kuakini Health System and its subsidiaries in providing health care and related services to the general public.

What are some potential benefits of planned giving for donors?

Some of the potential benefits for donors include:

• potential income for life
• no capital gains taxes on sales of assets such as real property and appreciated securities
• charitable income tax, gift tax and estate tax deductions for the donation
• removal of assets from the donor's estate to minimize the effects of federal, estate or gift taxes
• opportunity to make a substantial gift to a charity of choice such as Kuakini
• perpetual recognition of gift.

What types of planned giving vehicles are available?

There are a number of planned giving vehicles which can be used by a donor, including charitable remainder trusts (such as unitrusts and annuity trusts), charitable gift annuities, endowment funds, pooled income funds, and bequests.

Kuakini Foundation's staff and planned giving advisors will assist donors and their advisors in determining which planned giving vehicles are most appropriate in meeting the donor's financial and charitable giving goals.

Donors can consider gifts of real property, appreciated securities, life insurance, individual retirement accounts (IRA), partnership interests, and a variety of other liquid and non-liquid assets.

How can I participate in Kuakini Foundation's Planned Giving Program?

Interested individuals and/or their advisors can contact the Kuakini Foundation staff at (808) 547-9296 for more information. Consultations are free and confidential. There is no obligation in requesting and receiving the free consultation.