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Cooking Demonstration Encourages Healthy Eating

More than 60 donors, supporters and friends of Kuakini Foundation learned how to make delicious and healthy salads during a Healthy Cooking Demonstration in the Hale Pulama Mau auditorium on August 6. The featured recipes were “Southwest Barbecue Salad” and the famous “Waldorf Salad.” 

“I liked the seminar because it was about health and eating healthy. I learned a lot. It’s good, really interesting,” said Clara Masaki, a Kuakini donor and volunteer.

“I like coming to these seminars because I get to participate and it is health-related. It is very informative,” said another donor. She liked the Southwest Barbecue Salad’s light dressing. 

The cooking demonstration was presented by Kuakini’s in-house chef and Dietary Supervisor, Pedro “Pete” Paeste, and Dietitian Nicole Matsuda. Pete previously worked as a chef at the Halekulani Hotel. 

Pete also shared tips on how to keep bananas from ripening too quickly, and how to revive wilted celery sticks and crystallized honey, among other things. Pete’s tips: Put the bananas in a bag and place them on the counter; do not refrigerate. Dunk the celery sticks in cold water and microwave the honey. Honey has no shelf life, he said, and does not need to be refrigerated.  

Sponsoring free informational seminars is one of the ways Kuakini shows its appreciation to donors who have generously given their support through the years. Other activities include community health fairs, the “Holiday Trees and Treasures” fundraiser, and the annual Phone-a-Thon. 

For more information about Kuakini Foundation’s activities, call 547-9296. If you would like to donate to Kuakini, click HERE.