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Mission & Vision Statement

Mission Statement for Kuakini Health System

The mission of Kuakini Health System is to improve the health status of the community by:
   • providing comprehensive health care services and programs at reasonable cost,
   • continuously improving the quality of health care services and programs,
   • encouraging clinical research,
   • supporting training and educational programs for health care personnel, and
   • offering community service programs. 

Vision Statement for Kuakini Health System

Kuakini will continue to build on the strong cultural heritage and tradition of caring established by its founders in 1900, which has been the foundation for Kuakini’s highly respected reputation for providing quality health care services.  The patients and residents are Kuakini’s primary customers who will be provided services, whether basic or complex, at a sustained level of excellence.  We believe that by “doing the common things uncommonly well,” we will create a safe environment with quality outcomes.  Our goal is to make Kuakini the safest hospital and long term care facility in Hawaii.

Kuakini’s primary areas of focus are:

Quality Outcomes

Cultivate a culture of safety and quality that will deliver an exceptional customer experience and build the loyalty of patients, residents, and the Health Care Team.

Organizational Effectiveness

Strengthen Kuakini’s financial viability as an independent non-profit health system with leadership positions in adult medical / surgical care, outpatient care and long term care / geriatric care.

Enlightened Organization

Strengthen the Health Care Team by building a streamlined and productive insourced work team comprised of critical thinkers who are innovative, enablers of transferring knowledge among Team members, and committed to continuous quality improvement with a “can do” attitude.


Leverage technology to achieve quality outcomes, support the workforce, create research opportunities, and manage data in a filmless and paperless environment.

Research & Training

Maximize Kuakini’s research data and content for future research; and support a skilled health care workforce through education and training initiatives with academic centers. 

Virtual Health Care Organization

Adopt a mindset that will enable the Health Care Team to be flexible and adaptable, able to transform Kuakini to meet the changes within the health care environment, and meet the challenges from the globalization of health care.

Our culture, beliefs, core values and philosophies reflect the “heart” of Kuakini and our organizational ethics defines the way we do business – which is doing the right thing each and every time.  Kuakini is committed to making a positive difference by caring for people – our patients and residents, our fellow Health Care Team members and business partners, and the communities served.