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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Where is Kuakini Health System and its subsidiaries (Kuakini Medical Center, Kuakini Geriatric Care, Inc., Kuakini Support Services, Inc., Kuakini Foundation) located? How do I get to Kuakini?

A: The address is 347 North Kuakini Street, Honolulu, Hawaii, 96817

If you are driving from East Honolulu, head west on the H-1 Freeway, and take the School Street exit. At the second traffic light, turn right on to Liliha Street, and then take the next right on to Kuakini Street.

If you are driving from Leeward Oahu, head east on the H-1 Freeway, and take the Vineyard Boulevard exit. At the third traffic light, turn left on to Liliha Street. At the third traffic light, turn right on to Kuakini Street.

If you are driving from Windward Oahu, head south on Pali Highway, and take the Nuuanu Avenue exit. At the fourth traffic light, turn right on to Kuakini Street.


Q: Where can patients and visitors park?

A: Public parking is available in two buildings on the Kuakini campus. The main public parking is in the Parking Building (PB) that is located at the makai end of the physicians office building, Kuakini Medical Plaza (KMP). It includes an electric car charging station located at the first stall on your left as you enter the first floor of KMP from the main service road. There is also public parking in the Kuakini Physicians Tower (KPT), which is located on the ewa end of the campus. This parking can be accessed from the Ewa Service Road, adjacent to the KPT entrance.

Q: Can I get validated parking?

A: Visitors who have been visiting inpatients in the Medical Center for more than three hours may request the white parking stamps that provide a flat rate of $3.00.  If their visit is less than three hours, there is a flat rate of $3.00.  These white parking stamps are available in the main office of the Admissions Department and the ER Registration Room (for off-hour visits or when the Admissions office is closed).

Physicians’ offices may provide their patients with a partial parking validation stamp. The difference will be collected when exiting the public parking.

Partial parking validation or a parking pass for Medical Center outpatients is provided by the outpatient service departments.

Q: Where do I go to check-in/register in the Medical Center?

A: For inpatient registration, go to the Admissions Department which is located on the ground floor of the Medical Center. During the registration process, an admissions registrar will 1) need to obtain or verify your demographic and medical insurance information with you; 2) request to see or make a copy of your photo ID and medical insurance cards; and 3) request your signature on various admissions forms, i.e., Consent for Treatment.  You will be asked if an Advanced Directive (AD) has been completed and a copy of the AD may be requested.  Throughout your hospitalization, you will be required to wear an ID band around your wrist for patient safety reasons.

Patients scheduled for tests in the outpatient service departments of Cardiac Services, Cardiac Catheterization Services, Ambulatory Care Services, and Pulmonary Services may also follow the same process as inpatients (items numbered 1, 2 and 3 above.)

The POINT-OF-SERVICE departments do not require a check-in at the Admissions Department, including Imaging (CT, Ultrasound, Mammogram, Fluoroscopy, MRI, and Nuclear Medicine procedures); Pulmonary Services Sleep Disorders Center; Gastrointestinal (GI) Services; specific Ambulatory Care Services (cataract and other eye-related procedures and all procedures performed on Saturdays).  The Admissions Department pre-registers the patients so that they can go directly to the point-of-service department.

Q: What are patient visiting hours in the Medical Center?

A: Visiting hours for patients in the medical/surgical patient units and the Progressive Care Units (PCU) are 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily. Visiting hours for patients in private rooms are 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily. Patients in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and Cardiac Care Unit (CCU)  have flexible visiting hours, depending on the patients’ conditions. Please check with the nursing staff on the unit (ICU at 547-9245 or CCU at 547-9248) before visiting.

Q: Can I bring children to visit a patient at the Medical Center?

A: Depending on the condition of the patient, as determined by the nursing staff, children may be allowed to visit. All children must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times during the visit, including waiting areas. Families with disruptive children will be asked to leave the patient units.

Q: Can I make a phone call to a patient at Kuakini?

A: Patients in the Medical Center may receive phone calls from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily. Patients in private rooms may receive phone calls at any time. There are no telephones on the ICU and CCU patient rooms. All callers to ICU and CCU will be connected to the nurses’ station. The general telephone number for the Medical Center is 536-2236.

Q: How do I pay for hospital services and what are my payment options?

A: HMSA and other agencies' identification cards and Medicare and Medicaid eligibility cards will be requested at the time of your admission. Whenever possible, financial arrangements for bill payments will be made prior to, or at the time, of your admission to expedite the claim processing procedures. If you feel you are unable to pay for your hospital services, please contact Kuakini’s Patient Financial Counselors in Business Services at 547-9100 or 547-9171.

The total estimated patient share is due and payable at the time of your discharge from the Medical Center. For your convenience, we accept VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and JCB charge cards. There may be services performed up to the time you are discharged; and these charges will be posted to your account after your discharge. A final bill itemizing all charges posted to your account will be mailed to you approximately ten days after your discharge. Unpaid balances should be paid in full after receipt of payment from your insurance carrier. If you are not covered by an insurance carrier, the full balance is due upon receipt of your bill after services are rendered.

Other charges such as the professional fees for your attending physician or hospitalist/surgeon, and consulting services provided by the intensivist, anesthesiologist, pathologist, radiologist, Emergency Room physician (if you were first treated in the Emergency Room) and other services such as private duty nurses, ambulance service and reference laboratory, are not included in the Medical Center billing statement. These other charges will be billed to you separately by the individual physicians and services.

Q: What programs and services are available for patients at the Medical Center?

A: Kuakini Medical Center offers a wide range of services to meet the specific health care needs of its patients. CLICK HERE TO VIEW A COMPLETE LIST

Q: How do I schedule an appointment to see a physician at Kuakini?

A: Patients will need to contact the specific physician’s office in order to schedule an appointment. If you need hospital services and would like the services conducted at Kuakini, you may request your physician to arrange for your procedure or care at the Medical Center. Physicians must be members of Kuakini’s Medical Staff in order to provide actual treatment services to patients at Kuakini. However, non-member physicians can place outpatient service orders and can refer their patients to Kuakini’s hospitalists, intensivists and specialists to coordinate the patient care.

Q: Can I request to see a specific doctor at Kuakini?

A: Physicians are not employees of Kuakini Health System. If you would like to see a specific physician, you can choose one from our Medical Staff. There are two physicians’ office buildings on the Kuakini campus – the Kuakini Medical Plaza and Kuakini Physicians Tower. Not all physicians in those two buildings are on Kuakini’s Medical Staff.  

Q: What is Kuakini Geriatric Care, Inc. (KGC)?

A: Kuakini Geriatric Care, Inc.’s (KGC) services and facilities are housed in the Hale Pulama Mau building, which is located on the Waikiki side of the campus. It is the first and most comprehensive post acute service for older adults that is located on one campus in the State of Hawaii. Over 200 persons are cared for in the KGC facilities. The Geriatric Care Services include a 40-bed Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) which provides continuous professional nursing services and/or rehabilitative services; a 147-bed Intermediate Care Facility (ICF) which provides health-related care and services; a 40-bed Skilled Nursing Facility which provides continuous professional nursing services and/or rehabilitative services; and a 34-bed older adult residential care home (Kuakini Home) which provides residential care and personal care services. Kuakini also has two off campus Adult Day Care Centers - a 40-participant Adult Day Care Center at the Honpa Hongwanji on the Pali Highway and a 42-participant Adult Day Care Center in Aiea at St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church. Both programs provide therapeutic recreational activities and assorted day care services for elderly persons during weekdays.

Q: How do I apply for a job at Kuakini?

A: There are various career opportunities at Kuakini Health System and its subsidiaries. Kuakini is an Equal Employment/Affirmative Action Employer. Individuals who will support Kuakini's mission and commit to Kuakini’s Health Care Team and its core values are welcome to apply for available positions. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE CURRENT JOB LISTINGS.

Q: Who can I talk to if I have a question or concern about services at Kuakini?

A: If you know the specific department or service you are trying to contact, CLICK HERE TO VIEW A LIST OF TELEPHONE NUMBERS. You are welcome to contact Kuakini’s Patient Relations Representative at (808) 547-9791 regarding any questions or concerns.

Q: What are the different buildings at the Kuakini campus? 

A: There are four major buildings on the Kuakini campus (CLICK HERE TO VIEW MAP). Kuakini Medical Center is the acute care hospital and the largest building located in the middle of the campus. The Emergency Services and hospital patient units are in this building.

On the Waikiki end of the campus are the Kuakini Medical Plaza (KMP) and Hale Pulama Mau (HPM) buildings. The KMP building, adjacent to Kuakini Street, has offices for more than 100 physicians, as well as services for outpatient laboratory, imaging, retail pharmacy and snack shop. The Hale Pulama Mau (HPM) building houses the programs and services of Kuakini Geriatric Care, Inc., which include the Skilled Nursing and Intermediate Care Units, and residential care home. The Dining Room that is open to the public and staff is also located on the first floor of the HPM building. In between the KMP and HPM buildings is the Parking Building that provides parking for patients, visitors, and occupants of the physicians office buildings.

Located on the ewa end of the campus is the Kuakini Physicians Tower (KPT), which includes 72 office units and five commercial units, and parking for patients and occupants of the building.