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Kuakini Medical Staff

This list contains members of the Kuakini Medical Staff who are licensed medical physicians, osteopathic physicians, and dentists who are credentialed and have privileges to attend to and care for patients and residents in Kuakini Medical Center and Kuakini Geriatric Care, Inc.  These physicians have different affiliations with Kuakini.  Note - Affiliate Members of the Medical Staff do not admit or treat patients.

Kuakini Physician Hospital Organization (KPHO)

The Kuakini Physician Hospital Organization (KPHO) is a non-profit Hawaii corporation that provides accessible and integrated delivery of physician services and hospital services in Hawaii. The KPHO was formed as a partnership in January 1996 by Kuakini Medical Center and physicians in the community. Over 175 physicians in primary and specialty care currently belong to the organization which provides a wide variety of health care services and programs including comprehensive cardiovascular, cancer, orthopedic, pulmonary, diagnostic imaging, and geriatric services to ensure high-quality health care for all patients.

Kuakini Health Network is a contracted health center under HMSA's Health Plan Hawaii, Health Plan Hawaii Plus and the Medicare+Choice Insurance plans. For further information on the Kuakini Health Care Network, please contact the Kuakini Health System Administration at (808) 547-9231.

Physician Office Buildings

There are two office buildings located on the Kuakini Health System campus:

Kuakini Medical Plaza - 321 North Kuakini Street, Honolulu, Hawaii, 96817 - On the Diamond Head end of the Kuakini Campus, the Kuakini Medical Plaza is the first physician office building developed on the Kuakini campus. The building contains offices for over 100 physicians, a laboratory, Kuakini Plaza Imaging, Kuakini Plaza Pharmacy, and the Kuakini Snack shop.

Kuakini Physicians Tower - 405 North Kuakini Street, Honolulu, Hawaii, 96817 - The Kuakini Physicians Tower (KPT) is the second physicians office condominium on the Kuakini campus. It is located on the Ewa side of the Kuakini campus. KPT contains 72 physician offices and six floors of parking.

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