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Executive Health Program

The Executive Health Program (EHP) at Kuakini Medical Center offers comprehensive physical examinations and additional screening procedures for corporate executives, managers, employees, and their family members as well as private individuals. It was started in 1980 at the request of Japanese corporations in order to provide the best in health care for their Hawaii-based workers. The Executive Health Program is built around the periodical comprehensive physical check-up. Periodic comprehensive physical examinations play a major role in health maintenance and promotion by enabling prevention, early detection, and increased health knowledge and awareness.

Physical Examination Process 

Selecting a Program
Please feel free to call or visit us to discuss setting up the physical examination program that would best serve you.  When you call or visit, we will obtain relevant information from you about your medical history, your company's requirements for physical exams, budget, and preferred schedule, and inform you about our available program packages and prices.  Based on this information and recommendations made by our Medical Director, we will suggest the type of physical exam that best suits your needs.

We will coordinate all screening tests and make all appointments for your comprehensive physical exam. Please call us about two weeks in advance to schedule your examination visit.  At that time, we will ask or confirm your personal data including name, birthday, contact address, phone number, etc.

Itinerary and Preparations
As soon as we have scheduled your tests and appointments, we will send you an itinerary, instructions, and a map of the hospital via mail, facsimile, or e-mail in Japanese or English. The full physical examination usually takes a half-day/morning. Twelve-hour fasting is required prior to reporting in for your examination. If you have special tests scheduled, additional instructions will be provided to you.

On the Day of Your Physical Examination
Examinations begin as early as 7:00 a.m.  Check in at our office, located on the 8th floor in the Hale Pulama Mau building, where we will review your medical history with you, measure your height and weight, and and check your vital signs. We will then escort you to each department involved in your testing. An electrocardiogram, vision testing, and blood and urine collection will take place in our office. Kuakini's Executive Health Medical Director will also meet and examine you at this time.

Final Report & Follow-up Consultation
A report of your examination results will be provided to you within one week of the examination. We will also schedule a follow-up consultation for you with our Medical Director at your convenience -- this is an excellent opportunity to discuss your current overall health and how to maintain good health in the future. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of this feature of the program, since it provides many good benefits of preventive healthcare.

Report to Your Primary Care Physician and Referral to Specialist Physicians
Upon your request, we will provide a report of your examination results to your primary care physician. If results indicate the need for further medical attention, the Executive Health Medical Director will provide a referral to the appropriate specialist physicians based on your request.

Upon completion of the physical examination and follow-up consultation, an invoice will be sent to your billing address or to your company representative as applicable. Please note that medical insurance claims are not filed or processed by our office.


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