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Mission & Vision Statement

Mission Statement for Kuakini Health System

The mission of Kuakini Health System is to improve the health status of the community by:
   • providing comprehensive health care services and programs at reasonable cost,
   • continuously improving the quality of health care services and programs,
   • encouraging clinical research,
   • supporting training and educational programs for health care personnel, and
   • offering community service programs. 


Vision Statement for Kuakini Health System

Kuakini will continue to build on its strong cultural heritage and tradition of caring that was established by our founders and has been the foundation for Kuakini’s commitment to providing high quality, safe, and compassionate health care services to the Hawaii community. Kuakini will focus on “doing the common things uncommonly well” to achieve the Triple Aim. We strive to be a flexible, adaptable and lean organization that can meet the rapidly changing health care environment and future health care needs of the population that we serve.

Kuakini’s major areas of focus are:

Health Care Team

The most important asset of Kuakini is our human assets comprised of employees, physicians, and volunteers who work together as a strong Health Care Team. Kuakini will strive to be an “organization of choice” that attracts and retains individuals who are willing to contribute their talents collectively to achieve the Vision and the organizational goals.

Financial Viability

Achieve a positive financial position by building strong customer loyalty and operating as a reasonable cost, high quality, high performing independent health care organization that is the “provider of choice” and a chosen destination for health care services.

Integration & Collaborations

Kuakini will be the “partner of choice” in Hawaii for health care integration and collaborations that will be required to meet the health care transformation initiatives and the Triple Aim goals.

Triple Aim

Kuakini is committed to supporting and achieving the Triple Aim goals of (1) improving patient / resident experience of care, (2) improving the health of populations, and (3) reducing the per capita cost of health care. Kuakini will provide exceptional customer experience to our patients, residents, and clients through the delivery of high quality and safe health care services and achieving the best health outcomes by leveraging opportunities in the delivery and support of pre-acute care, acute care, post-acute care, and wellness services.


Leverage technology to achieve quality outcomes, support the Health Care Team, and allow for seamless interoperability and connectivity with the health care community through greater accessibility and reliability of Kuakini’s infrastructure within and beyond the organization.

Commitment to the Community

As a non-profit health care organization, Kuakini is committed to providing value to the community through initiatives for education / training programs and biomedical research. Kuakini will serve as a training site for graduate medical education and for training programs for health care professionals and allied health professionals. Kuakini will leverage cohort research data and specimens to support new research initiatives that will benefit the aging population in Hawaii and worldwide.

The “heart” of Kuakini is comprised of our culture and beliefs, core values, business and customer service philosophies, and organizational ethics which guide Kuakini to do the right thing each and every time. Kuakini is here to make a positive difference by caring for people – our patients, residents and clients, fellow Health Care Team members, business partners, and the community.