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Discharge Policy

Kuakini Medical Center is a non-profit hospital providing acute care services. Acute care is defined as daily medical and nursing services that must be provided in a hospital. Throughout your stay, the staff of Kuakini will work closely with you and your family and physician(s) in planning for a smooth and timely discharge from the Medical Center.

If placement into a nursing home, care home, or other community program is indicated, Kuakini's staff will make every reasonable effort to assist with the arrangements. When acute care is no longer required, and when placement arrangements have not been finalized, the patient will be discharged home within three (3) days.

Kuakini recognizes that this policy may cause hardship; however, it is necessary for Kuakini to take this position to conserve and efficiently utilize our financial and human resources in order to continue serving our community. We ask for your cooperation and support of Kuakini's Patient Discharge Policy and appreciate your assistance and understanding.

Care Managers are available to support you in making a safe transition from the Medical Center to home. You can call 547-9189 (in-house ext. 8189) if you have a question about planning for your discharge.