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Congratulations to Noel Curammeng

If medical equipment breaks down or needs servicing, the Kuakini Health Care Team knows to call the Biomedical Engineering department. The staff will do everything to help bring a machine back into service, from blood pressure cuffs to large X-ray equipment.

One of the seven members in this department is Noel Curammeng. As a Biomedical Equipment Specialist, he helps install, service and maintain Kuakini’s medical equipment. Noel handles the medical equipment in Imaging Services, the Cardiac Catheterization Lab, Genetics Lab, Pathology, Kuakini Plaza Imaging, the Urology Suite in the Operating Room, Interventional Radiology, and the Progressive Care Unit.

Whether it is solving the problem himself, working with other members of his department, or contacting vendors or manufacturers, the “main job is to keep medical equipment running,” Noel said. “We look for what’s feasible for the equipment and see whether (or not) to buy a new one or just fix it. Whatever is the most cost effective, that’s what we do.”

“Noel comes to work prepared and ready to do his job. He makes us all look good,” said Earl Strotman, Managing Director, Facilities Management.

He’s also a great guy, according to nominator Chris McIntire, Supervisor of Imaging Services. “Noel is one of those guys that make your day better. He’s simply a great person. On top of that, he is extremely knowledgeable in his field. A ‘go-to’ guy. I appreciate the work he does with a smile.”

Noel is grateful for the recognition – and the free parking – but also wants to share the award with other deserving Kuakini employees. “I thank God for this award. The Lord has blessed my life so much,” he said. “This award is not only for my department but for those who are unrecognized for their hard work, their dedication and willingness to do extra work. There’s a lot of them here.”

Noel earned a degree in Electronic Engineering Technology from DeVry University in Phoenix, Arizona in 1991. That same year, while back in Hawaii for an initial two-week vacation, he got reeled in by the surf and Kuakini's opening for a Biomedical Equipment Specialist. Twenty-three years later, he hasn't looked back. He is still enjoying the waves of Oahu and the people at Kuakini. He has also received additional training in his field in Milwaukee, Cleveland, California, Connecticut, and Boston.

“I like the people that I work with. When a big project needs to be done, we get it done,” he said. “The staff in other departments are also great. I’ve forged a lot of friendships here and many have become my good friends.”

Besides work, Noel shares his passion for surfing, photography and martial arts with other Biomedical Engineering employees. His faith in God is also important to him. During his free time, he enjoys going to the beach or driving around the island with his wife and kids. Their favorite driving spots are on the East side and the North Shore.