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Congratulations to Ka'imi Maka

“Tireless worker,” “can-do guy,” “passionate” – these are the words that Health Care Team members have used to describe Ka’imi Maka. Decades of experience in different areas in the health care industry has made him a versatile worker and an asset to Kuakini, they said.
“Ka’imi is a tireless worker who does everything possible to look out for the best interests of Kuakini,” his nominator said. “He takes on extra duties (and) responsibilities... and has provided Administration (and Kuakini) Health System with a sense of comfort (and) security (so they know) that someone is on top of critical areas. Ka’imi is definitely an asset to Kuakini and demonstrates the core values and integrity (and) grit that makes Kuakini special.” 
Ka’imi has willingly taken on additional roles as interim manager for Emergency Services, Inpatient Services and Infection Prevention. Currently, he said he enjoys his leadership role in Joint Commission activities. June Drumeller, Senior Vice President and Chief Clinical Officer, describes him as a “can-do” guy with an “I can do this, I can do that” attitude.
As the Managing Director of Surgical Services and the Interim Manager of Quality and Patient Outcomes (QPO), Ka’imi provides leadership and support to the managers in the Operating Room (OR), Sterile Processing Department (SPD), Anesthesia, Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU) and Ambulatory Care Services (ACS). He leads Kuakini in meeting and exceeding the Joint Commission standards of patient care and helps develop policies and procedures, and facilitates team building. He initiates improvements to create a safe hospital environment.
With the many hats he has, there is “never a dull moment” for Ka’imi. “It’s like a box of chocolates – you’ll never know what you’ll get,” he said. “The challenge is trying do everything for each area and making sure that I am able to focus on QPO, Surgical Services and Joint Commission.”
Ka’imi first joined Kuakini in 1989 as a nurse in the critical care unit where he worked for five years before leaving Oahu. After several years in Hilo, Maui and Kalaupapa, he rejoined Kuakini in 2008. His background includes teaching and administration work. He was also a medical responder for NASCAR and a Kansas billionaire before moving to Hawaii.
“I think the people here are unique. Kuakini employees are devoted to Kuakini, to each other and to the patients they serve. It is great to work with individuals who are committed and self-motivated,” he said. “I like the collaborative approach in Kuakini. We try to get as much input as possible from staff to understand and solve the problem.”
During his days off, Ka’imi enjoys cooking gourmet food and grilling. He also enjoys Hawaiian culture, music and dance.