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Congratulations to Ida Thiede

Hard work and excellence are main traits of Ida Thiede’s life, as a person and as a Kuakini Health Care Team member, thanks in part to her mother who imparted these values upon her.
“My mother has always taught me… if you don’t do something right, might as well not do it at all,” she said.
Ida is the Supervisor of Financial Accounting in Kuakini’s Accounting Department. Her nominator describes her as “a tireless worker who is 100+ percent committed to her job and to Kuakini” and who oftentimes “works more than a 40-hour workweek.”
“Ida makes sure that accounting books and financial statements are accurate and timely,” her nominator said. “Ida is a hands-on supervisor who was a stabilizing force in the fiscal function several years ago.”
Working as a senior accountant at that time, Ida had just submitted her application for supervisor when she was asked the following day to handle some of the duties of the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) and Controller positions that were temporarily vacant. Bracing herself for a heavier workload and a bigger responsibility, she managed Kuakini’s financial operations with a staff of three Accounts Payable Specialists and two Accountants.
“There was a lot of work but I enjoyed it. It was a period of growth. I learned a lot,” Ida said. “I realized that I could do a lot more than I could actually do.” The experience helped her become better, she said, but she could not have done it without the help of the staff. 
“I like working for Kuakini. The people here are really nice. It’s hard to beat that.”
Ida’s first exposure to Kuakini’s hospitality and compassion was in 2000 when her mother came in for a procedure. The nurses were exceptionally nice to her family and she wondered what it was like to be working in Kuakini. In 2001, her question was answered. Ida became Senior Accountant in the Accounting Department. In 2006, she was promoted to Supervisor.
“People think accounting is boring. There are no gray areas, it’s black or white. It is definite. There are rules for things,” she said. “But I like that. It all makes sense.”
“Life is good right now,” Ida said. She plays tennis and cheers for her son’s high school basketball games during her spare time. If she had more time, she would like to read more books.