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Congratulations to Polly Pascua

Kuakini has been a place of learning for Polly Pascua for the past three years. He likes the opportunities for growth that come with his job as a Surgical Technician II in the Surgery Department. Some of his responsibilities include preparing patients, rooms and equipment for surgical procedures, and assisting surgeons during surgery. He also assists during minor surgery when needed.
"I like the challenge, especially if it is a case I have not done before. I like that I learn more and get additional knowledge and experience,” Polly said.
He credits his co-workers for inspiring him to be better and to work harder, especially when he first started at Kuakini as a Surgical Technician I in February 2012. Members in the department shared their knowledge about particular cases and the working styles of some surgeons, which helped build his confidence, he said.
“They gave me updates, they shared what they know about the cases, they made sure that I was ready to take on the job. They were patient. Everybody was nice and helpful.”
In September of that year, Polly was promoted to Surgical Technician II.
“Polly always goes above and beyond. He has excellent assisting skills and is frequently requested by our surgeons. He has a calm demeanor about him, even during stressful times,” said Lori Gunther, Operating Room (OR) Assistant Patient Care Coordinator.
Other Health Care Team members describe him as hardworking, helpful, knowledgeable, positive and humble.
“Polly is always helpful with his co-workers, acting as a source of knowledge. He performs all of his duties without complaint and will go beyond to ensure that the surgeons’ needs are met,” said one co-worker.
When Polly found out that he was the Employee of the Month for February, he was “speechless, overwhelmed and very happy.” “It felt unreal until I got the certificate. I thought, wow, this is real,” he said. “This award is for the whole OR team because everybody is so helpful.”
Polly spends his free time playing basketball with friends or going out to dinner with his wife. They love Chinese and Filipino food. Congratulations, Polly!