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Congratulations to Lance Tsutsuse

Have you ever wondered why Lance Tsutsuse smiles a lot? Lance said it is because every single day, he gets up and goes to bed feeling blessed. He doesn’t live with anger or hatred in his heart, he said.

“My daughters taught me to live that way - without hate. And my wife and family are the reason why I get up each morning with a smile, and go to bed feeling blessed.”

This month, there was another reason for Lance to smile after he was recognized as the Employee of the Month – it was exactly one year to the day that he was promoted to Supervisor of the Biomedical Engineering Department in December 2013. He started at Kuakini as a Biomedical Technician.  

“It’s nice because I didn’t think I was doing a good job, but I guess I am. It gives me renewed energy. I feel blessed to be here in Kuakini.” 

As a supervisor, Lance makes a conscious effort for his staff to feel comfortable and happy while at work because, he said, “that’s what motivates employees and that’s how you bring out the best in them, through encouragement and love.” His nominator describes him as “a great person to work with.”  

“Lance’s ‘positive vibe’ is infectious and brings a good balance to the work environment,” said his nominator. “He has grown as a leader for the Biomedical Department and is well respected by his team and peers. He exhibits great customer service and is mindful of what is in the best interest for patients and their safety. He actively participates in meetings and discussions, which is helpful when working to improve services and developing initiatives to help Kuakini succeed.” 

Lance is grateful for the recognition and acknowledged that there are others who deserve to be recognized. He said he gets a lot of support from his team and other Kuakini employees and departments. “I can accomplish a few good repairs,” he said, “but as a team we can do extraordinary things.” 

Lance believes in Kuakini not only as a workplace, but as a hospital that sincerely values and cares for its patients. He brings his whole family and his parents to Kuakini for their medical and health needs. “You should have that type of pride and trust in the place you work,” he said. 

During his free time, Lance enjoys surfing, riding his bike and working out. He also loves walking the dog with his wife and hanging out with his family – whether it is going out to dinner, watching the movies or just cleaning the house.