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Condition H

“Condition H” is a patient safety initiative that enables a patient or family member to call for immediate help when the patient or family member notices a change in the patient’s medical condition. If there is a serious clinical health concern and health care team members are not available, the patient or his/her family member can make a “Condition H” phone call, which will activate Kuakini’s Rapid Response Team.
To place a “Condition H” call:
  • Pick up the patient phone or any hospital telephone (excluding payphones)
  • Dial “66” for the Operator, who should come on the line immediately
  • Tell the Operator you need help and are making a “Condition H” phone call. Be sure to provide the following information:
  • Patient’s room number or location
  • Patient’s bed number, if available
  • Reason for the call – describe the patient’s condition.

​Shortly afterwards, you will hear the Operator make an overhead announcement requesting that the Rapid Response Team come to your location, “stat” (immediately)

The “Condition H” phone call empowers patients and families with access to immediate help, decreases anxiety levels and improves patient safety.  The Rapid Response Team, which includes a Registered Nurse (RN) and Respiratory Therapist, works with nurses and physicians to assess the patient’s condition, provide emergency care as needed, and keep the patient’s primary care physician up to date on any changes.
For more information, please speak with a nurse or check in with the Nurse’s Station.