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Congratulations to Rinney Pak

Rinney Pak does not administer medicines or go on rounds to check on Kuakini patients. In fact, even though he is usually not anywhere near a patient, he helps ensure that they are receiving safe and quality care 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Rinney works behind the scenes. As an Applications Specialist in the Information Technology (IT) department, he helps support the Cerner computer applications such as PowerChart, FirstNet, CPOE (Computerized Physician Order Entry), Barcode Medication Administration (BCMA) and iView, which improve patient care and maintain workflow efficiency among Kuakini physicians, nurses and employees.
“We’re not directly involved with patient care,” he said. “For me, we’re making a difference. When I go to the floors and I see the nurses charting a report, I feel a sense of pride that they’re using the system (that I have worked on).”
Rinney plays an important role in the maintenance, expansion and improvement of the Cerner applications, his nominator said. “(He is an) integral part in helping us achieve/attest (to) Meaningful Use and in monitoring (and) providing information (and) data to review (and) manage our performance. (He is) always professional and responds very timely to questions. (Rinney is also) easy to work with and definitely a valuable asset (and) resource to Kuakini.”
For Rinney, his job is the result of a team effort, including his nomination as Employee of the Month. It is not just a reflection of himself but a reflection of the whole IT department, he said.
“It’s about everyone I work with – they provide me with support and in return, I give back the support in a positive way. We have chemistry, communication and collaboration. I’m humbled that I was nominated. There are other people who deserve it.”
Rinney joined Kuakini in 2008 and brought with him 15 years of IT experience in the health care industry.
“The main reason I enjoy work here is the people, and I mean not just the IT department, but everybody. It’s the ohana – you can count on that person. No matter how big or small the projects are, you can work together,” he said. “At the end of the day, when I leave from work, I can say that I did my best.”
During his days off from work, he spends quality time with his family. They go to the beach, fish on the north shore, or watch movies. He particularly enjoys supporting his two kids’ sports activities.